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Did you know... You are AWESOME and already hold all the resources needed to succeed? Ready to conquer from within??? Athletes use coaches to achieve at the top of their game, so why wouldn't you use a Life Coach to tap into your full potential and support you and challenge you through life? Life coaching can help you achieve your dreams, re-order yout thoughts and ideas, blast through barriers, overcome obstacles, and become un-stuck... fast! 

Coaching Packages

Let's just admit it... we all would love to work in our dream job right? So what's stopping us? If you are ready to make exciting changes in your life or career, but it's just not happening on you own, we should talk!!! Are you ready to make a change and get that dream job or build the business you have always wanted? A little scared of making the leap to discover your ideal job? With a Career Coach, you will set better goals, create work/life balance, discover your potential, and live your dreams!

We've all been there... Are you feeling a little lost or lacking confidence? Do you feel that you are not harnessing your strengths to the best of your ability?

Let's change that together!!! Strength coaching can help you understand your unique talents and use them every day. Use your strengths to transform relationships, improve performance and productivity, help others build on their natural talents.  

Please note that all Coaching Packages include a FREE 20 minute ACTion Discovery consultation call or face-to-face. I want to find out a little about you, and get to know what brings you for coaching. You will then be sent a coaching contract and once we are ready to break- through our sessions will begin. Everybody is an individual, so you may need more or less sessions than originally agreed on. 

Life in ACTion:   60 minute individual or couples coaching session. With NLP and coaching techniques, have fun discovering your true-self again. ($85)

Conquer from within - Clarity Session:   90 minute individual or couples coaching session to discover clarity and direction. ($110) 

Active ACTion: 4 x 60 minute sessions individual or couple sessions to reach deeper and take hold of all your doubts, worries and fears. You can have that life you've always dreamt of. ($310)  

The Fearless Pursuit: 10 x 60 minute sessions to truly anchor your desires and to have support with your journey forward. ($799)

ACTion Breakthrough:  Spend a half day (4 hours) or fullday (7 hours) focusing on yourself, your dreams and goals. Break unwanted habits and understanding your reactions. Please note this includes a 40 minute groundwork face-to-face  session or phone session a week before your coaching session. 

ACTion Employment Encounter: 6 hour session to breakdown your needs in employment and give you the tool set to move forward. Employment Encounter involves a Coaching Breakthrough session, and tailored employment services to meet your individual needs (these services can include but are not limited to - CV creation, strength identification, interview skills, cover letter tips and techniques). Please note this includes a 40 minute groundwork face-to-face session or phone session at least a week before your coaching session and further contact for information, revising drafts etc if you are having a CV designed.  ($699)



Other services
Employment Services 

We offer smaller job hunting workshops for people looking for help with specific skills related to finding suitable employment. These workshops provide specialised advice and tools to boost your changes of success with local employers as well as building a number of transferable skills.

  • Tips/techniques for job search

  • CV Creation

  • Checking applications/cover letters/CVs

  • Goal setting

  • Strength/skills identification

  • Cold calling skills 

  • Health and safety

  • Contract advice 

  • Help with job search

  • In-work-support advice