Adulting (Part 1) ... Life Auditing

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

It's a funny thing being an Adult... at what stage does it actually happen? Are you just a "non-adult" one day, then the next you wake up as a Adult? And then what? Is it debt, fancy dinners, power bills and owning a vacuum cleaner that makes you an adult? Who knows?

Anyhow I decided that a fantastic topic to talk about would be Life Auditing... Audits are a standard part of personal and business finances... Life audits, may just be, even more important! Doing a life audit can actually bring clarity and make massive changes within areas such as relationships, work life, social life, family and your future. a bonus, audits sound all grown-up and adult like huh?

Often.. (actually all the damn time), a big stumbling block for most people I talk with is there big list of excuses (we will talk about that in a future blog post).

So instead of excuses, today we are going to talk about PIE! Mmmmm PIE!




To begin a life audit, pick one Life Area you would like to begin to focus on.

What first comes to mind?

This could be Physical Health, Personal Life, Family, Friends, Career, Finances, Spiritual Life.

Let's say for example you have decide to do a Life Audit on your relationship with your partner. I'm a visual person, so I would then start brainstorming on a big piece of paper with colourful pens... start asking yourself the following questions:

What is your current situation within your Relationship?

What are you energised about within your Relationship?

Where would you like change to occur within your Relationship?

What frustrates you the most within your Relationship?

Lets break that down even further for each aspect that you have identified...

Imagine one thing you have identified is that you are feeling frustrated on a much more frequent basis with your partner. This means you are both snapping at each other for tiny things - things that used to not even bother you. eg. That bath mat that is left on the bathroom floor now causes World War 3 rather than 6 months ago when you just used to pick it up, and it was never an issue.

Can you identify where this source of frustration is coming from?

POWER - What issues or elements of that aspect do you have power over? Are you taking control of them? eg. You have complete control over your own reaction to these snappy situations. Have you thought about your own reactions, the wording and tone you use? Do you have control over it? Is it particular times that set you off? What determines this and is there a theme?

INFLUENCE - What are the elements that you don't have power over, but you can have influence with? And are you influencing these? eg. Have you spoken to your partner about your frustrations? Is your partner aware? Can you have influence on your partner about specific things?

EMBRACE - What are the elements that you have no power over, or influence on, and you just have to embrace? Are you embracing these? eg. Are there external pressures that can not be changed in other areas that could be effecting your reactions? Are you embracing the joys of having a partner/family, running hot water for showers? What parts of your frustrations can you not change and you should just embrace?

Are there parts you could embrace that you are not?

Are there parts you could have more influence on?

Are there parts that you do have power over, but you haven't taken control of yet?

Consider all of these aspects, ask yourself the above questions and slowly but surely, REFOCUS, and along with taking action, you will begin to gain clarity and change within your focus area. Remember, that Life Audits can take a while to do. It's not an immediate fix, but something you may work on on a daily or weekly basis. When you start to understand the PIE of each area, you will start to become more efficient and you will be able to focus yourself on the areas that you will have the most impact.

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