Frequently asked questions

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is an empowering and effective way to bridge the gaps between where you are now and where you would really like to be. Think a personal cheerleader that can keep you on track, discover what's actually going on in your mind, and help you set efficient personal and professional goals to allow forward movement. If you have the intention there, and you are seeking change... but you feel like it's just not happening by yourself... then life coaching could be just the thing you need. A Life Coach can provide clarity and movement to get you to just where you want to be!

How many Coaching sessions will I need?

Coaching is a very personal journey and there is no set amount of sessions you will need, as you are all gorgeous individuals with different dreams, needs and goals! With coaching you will start to see significant shifts and changes straight away, and we will be in ongoing discussion and review to make sure YOU are getting the most out of your coaching sessions.

What kind of Coach am I?

As a coach and NLP practitioner, I will ensure that when you are in a coaching session with me it is a safe, fun, relaxed, motivational and encouraging environment. I am dynamic and personable and I will support you to break down barriers, believe in yourself and create opportunities for transformation and development, along with many laughs and sometimes a few tears.

Do I need to live in the Wellington Region?

Nope, not at all - coaching sessions can be done via phone and/or skype as well. So give me a call to discuss options most suited to you.

Where do you do your Coaching?

Coaching is so fantastic that we can do it anywhere your heart desires. If you are most comfortable sitting on a beach, sand between your toes listening to the waves roll in, strolling through the native New Zealand bush with sun stretching through the leaves, or sitting in a coffee shop with your hands wrapped around a hot flat white, then let's make that happen!! I can be flexible! Alternatively I have a comfortable, relaxed coaching rooms in the Lower Hutt CBD.

What happens next?

Right, first step...tick! You've made it here! Now, give me a call, make contact with me below, email me or sign up for an ACTion discovery call! Once we've determined that we can work together I will send thorugh a Coaching agreement and we will book you in for your first session. Easy as that. Whoop whoop! Let's kick some butt!!

Who do you coach?

I coach people who want to make changes and need some support to do this within their professional and personal life. That may be through gaining confidence, breaking habits, and altering personal responses to situations, goal setting, stress management, relationship building, life/work balance, identity challenges . I have coaching relationships with mummas of all ages looking for direction, change, discovery and clarity. I coach couples, looking for a safe and secure environment in which to discuss challenges and move forward with aligned goals and understanding of each other. I also coach people who are lacking confidence, want direction as to where they are going professionally, or struggling to push through constraits that they feel have been placed on them for years. If you are feeling that you need a push in a different direction to gain momentum to live your life the way you imagine it then give me a call or email. I so look forward to hearing from you!

What employment services do you offer?

Alongside coaching, I can also help you with all things relating to employment. Contact me to talk about your individual needs! Or check out for a full range of services. + CV creation + Cover letters + Interview techniques and training + Tools to conduct efficient and effective job search + Transition and barriers + Work experience + Applications + Redundancy support + Professional development plans