Why you are here...

You have found yourself here at just the right time.

You have probably been tossing around thoughts of coaching for a while. Reading articles and books, hoping that you come across the answers to your questions and the solutions to your problems, which will then create a monumental change to allow you to add more value to your life.

But it’s just not happening by yourself – and you are sick of feeling stuck and not knowing what to do!

You want to find your self-confidence that for some reason is now tucked away in a dusty corner.

You want to feel proud of what you are doing – workwise and life-wise.

You want to increase your motivation for improving and making changes in your life.

You want big, meaningful and achievable goals… that you are actually working towards!

You want to move forward.

And you want to make changes.

And to do this, you need support. And you’re here to see if I’m someone who can help you?

You need someone you can trust.

Someone that can allow you to discover clear direction, different perspectives, new insights.

You need someone who can listen, who can hold you accountable, can challenge you when needed, and someone who is genuinely interested and invested in helping you breakthrough to Be You and live the life you really want.

You've got this! And with a little ACTion, you can achieve more!

What my clients say...

Chanelle - Lower Hutt

“Jordan has an incredible ability to make people feel at ease about situations that would usually send them into a ball of nerves and panic. To watch her work and transform individuals with low self-esteem and drive has been a huge eye opener and truly inspiring. She is awesome!!”

Rachel - Paraparaumu

“I have gained a lot of confidence through Jordan’s coaching. She was encouraging, motivational, understanding and intuitive in her coaching techniques and she made a really welcoming and relaxed environment. She supports you to break down barriers, believe in yourself and create opportunities for transformation and development. I’m really proud of what I have achieved since working with Jordan and have exceeded my own expectations.”

Kylie - Upper Hutt

“I am so thankful for the coaching from Jordan. Everything I achieved during the time supported by Jordan has given me motivation and the confidence I needed to continue to do positive things towards a happier and successful future.”

Eden - Lower Hutt

"When I first met Jordan I was nervous about re-joining the workforce, self-conscious about being in a new city and scared of my seemingly-bleak prospects for employment.  That all changed very quickly.
Jordan is an amazing person - She has a bright, positive personality - always searching for the best outcome and working hard to make it happen. 

I’ve now been working full-time in a career I’m passionate about for over 12 months. I have exceeded the goals I set for myself and now I’m aiming higher than I ever thought possible. My life would not be what it is now if I hadn’t met Jordan when I did. She gave me the motivation to step out of my comfort zone and showed me that I can do so much more than I thought I could."

Jamie - Lower Hutt

"Jordan and I had one coaching session and I was blown away in the first five minutes. I tend to self analyse and self diagnose so didn’t really think anyone could give me new insights… however, Jordan lead me to think in a different perspective and nail down my ideal outcomes.


Not once did she tell me what to do, but gave me the ability to tell myself not just what I needed to do, but actually what I wanted to do. I came away with a clear direction, and had created the steps I needed to take myself. I now have ownership of my decisions with an incredible coach to hold me accountable."

Angeline - Blenheim

"I thoroughly enjoyed being coached by Jordan. I found her insightful, direct and encouraging. I recommend her service. Thanks again for a life changing experience Jordan."

Christine Walter - National Training Director NZ School of Life Coaching

"It was a pleasure to work with Jordan as a Life Coach. Jordan has a natural way of putting people at ease quickly. I found Jordan to be an excellent listener, followed by great questions which will help you to find your own solutions easily. Jordan has a great view of the world and patiently coaches. I highly recommend Jordan to help you secure what you are searching for."

“I recommend Jordan big time for all those solo mothers looking to change and better their future or looking to get back into the work force.

If this mummy can do it so can you.

I have never felt better about myself.”

Atawhai - Upper Hutt